The Orange Wave is a dynamic and developing company established in Cairo, Egypt.

We are active in the sectors of:

  • Establishing and operating plant for producing and pasteurizing juices.
  • Establishing and operating plant for mobilizing and packing all types of agricultural commodities.
  • Establishing and operating refrigerators, cells to maintain cool and freeze agro-industrial as well as food products. 
  • Transporting cooled or frozen commodities including loading & unloading activities.
  • Due to the perspective of its extension in Middle East, the company aims to play a strategic role concerning its activities.

The close collaboration with the biggest companies in Middle East, the industrial machinery , the ongoing projects in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil and Greece and the specialized, scientific and technical personnel, guarantee the company's reliability and consequence and contribute in its rapid development and growth.

The Orange Wave provides a unique product in all the main food related markets around the world, by combining in-depth knowledge of process engineering with state of the art automation systems. Thus, the company guarantees high quality products in compliance with legislative regulations.